About 95 Imperial Herbal
Diaphoretic Therapy


The 95 Imperial Herbal Diaphoretic Therapy operates on the principle of enhanced transdermal drug delivery reinforced by biomagnetic effects.  The herbal concoction, derived from seven major genres of tested Traditional Chinese Medicine prescriptions, is subject to proprietary heat treatment calculated to fully activate volatile esters in the bioactive herbal components before application.  The warm concoction is then spread evenly on Bian Stone energy table that retains and resonates very wide infra-red radiation spectrum.  The entire arrangement is installed within a specially designed biomagnetic physiotherapy cabin that maintains this optimal recuperating temperature with 360-degree composite energy efficiency.

The patient lies on his back in the physiotherapy cabin, human and medicine integrating in unity. Facilitated by thermotherapy effect of far-infrared cabin, the herbal concoction rapidly infiltrates the dermis and efficaciously absorbed through the back acupoints and meridians into the target tissues and organs as well as the entire meridian system, providing a pleasant and painless recuperating process.

Through this enhanced diaphoretic therapy, cold-dampness, other pathogenic factors, metabolic wastes and toxin can be effectively discharged from the body, and in so doing, promote recuperation in a variety of diseases especially chronic diseases. The colloquial 4 HIGH diseases generally demonstrate visible progress after a single treatment with improvement in blood glucose, blood pressure and uric acid indexes.  Longer term maintenance treatment may further benefit patients by allowing them to gradually reduce drug dependence, delay or prevent development of the disease, minimize the incidence of complications; thereby addressing the fundamental therapeutic purpose of chronic illnesses within the scope of recuperating. 


•   No injection required, no oral medication, non-invasive physiotherapy, non-toxic to the gastro-intestinal system, all delivered through flexible, safe and reliable prescriptions.

•   No bodily injuries, tissues cells rejuvenated, under the healing effect of homeostatic rebalancing of Yin and Yang.

The Eight Treatments

Lung Disease

- Relieve cough and asthma

- Replenish the lung and kidney

- Resolving phlegm; blood circulation

Chronic Disease Range

Clear lung, lung disease, respiratory disease, relieve cough, relieve asthma, detoxification

Three High Disease

- High blood pressure

- High blood sugar

- High blood-fat

Chronic Disease Range

Diabetic patients, obesity, high blood-fat, high body weight

Kidney Disease

- Nephropathy

- Kidney care

- Endocrine disorders

Chronic Disease Range

Nephritis, kidney failure, kidney "Yang" deficiency, kidney "Yin" deficiency

Bone Disease

- Rheumatism

- Joint pain

- Neck pain

Chronic Disease Range

Arthritis, gout, rheumatism, ankylosing spondylitis, rotator cuff tendinitis, neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain

Dampness Pathogenic

- Cold and dampness

- Metabolic syndrome

- Gynecological issues

Chronic Disease Range

Paresthesia, cold and dampness body, menstrual pain, metabolic syndrome, obesity, gynaecological issues

Liver Disease

- Liver care

- Liver pain

- Sub-health issues

Chronic Disease Range

Poor liver, liver pain, fatty liver, liver care


- Early aging people

- Skin care

- Ovarian care

Chronic Disease Range

Diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyper uric acid

Uric Acid Disease

- Gout

- High uric acid

- Arteriosclerosis

Chronic Disease Range

Gout, arteriosclerosis, increase blood uric acid

95 Imperial Herbal
Eight Secret Recipes

Cold and Dampness

Various gynaecological diseases caused by cold and damp pathogenic factors, postpartum disease, internal heat and external cold syndrome.

Bone and Joint

Gout, neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain, rheumatism, rheumatoid diseases, bone and joint diseases.


Early ageing, sub-healthy women, regulation of the female endocrine system.

Uric Acid

Hyperuricemia and gout complication.


For those who clear the lungs and detoxify the lungs. Enhances the body’s immune, defence, and resistance.


Pain liver, uncomfortable liver, fatty liver, cirrhosis, cholecystitis, people who often stay up late.


Nephropathy (nephritis, renal failure, uremia) deficiency of spleen and kidney and infertility

Three Highs

Diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperuricemia, obesity

Suitable People

  1. Gynaecological diseases, infertility
  2. Early ageing people, insomnia, memory and immunity decline, hormonal imbalance
  3. Cervical spondylosis, shoulder pain, postpartum rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, back pain, heel pain, gout
  4. High blood sugar, high blood pressure, high blood fat, high uric acid


  • Pure Chinese medicine, 95 precious Chinese herbal medicines.
  • State-of-the-art ultrasonic and low-temperature extraction resulting in high herbs-drug concentration for high bioavailability and absorption.
  • A single prescription of 900g (600g ground herbal pack with 300g extract concentrate), in perfectly potent dosing ratios.


No injection
No need for oral medication


Every time shows effective comparisons after therapy. Will recover according to the course of treatment.

Therapy Duration

60 to 90 minutes.


Original price RM868,
Experience price RM339
(Only available for online and phone call booking)

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