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In the 1930s, Yew Chi Gong, a Chinese Physician proficient in medical skills, came to Nanyang with his wife. He used to treat injured people in poor rural areas during the Japanese colonial era. After the extensive medical experience, he founded Xin Sheng Tang in 1950 and passed on the pharmaceutical technology to his son Yew Kok Ann.

When he just studied medicine, he carried a simple equipped bag to help treat patients with different diseases, regardless of their race around the country. His goal was to help and cure the patients while also earning little money to support his family.

He made, brewed, and prepared Chinese medicines around the clock day and night to give his patients the best and highest quality Chinese herbal medicines. This kind of clinical experience gained from thousands of people with different incurable diseases has more practical effects than learning from academics.

Yew Kok Ann inherited his father's practice as his main focus, and his actions also require theoretical support. He also studied theory at the Malaysian College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and later practised medicine throughout Malaysia, combining theory and clinical practice. Finally, in 1985, the Yew Kok Ann TCM Clinic was established.
Later, Yew Kok Ann also practised medicine while studying overseas correspondence courses at Xiamen University in China. Diligent study spirit and experience in treating countless patients, he accumulated enough case samples over the past few decades have led his ability to find the reasons for infertility and incoordination between the couple. Later, Yew Kok Ann also developed Ginseng Deer Wine and Qianglong Wine, allowing customers to quickly find confidence and enjoy the pleasure of having a drink.

Yew Kok Ann is like an artist full of craftsmanship, using outstanding and exquisite professional skills to restore the health of many people from the hands of illness. "Life-long contribution to the Chinese medicine community and serving the health of mankind" is the will of Yew Kok Ann in his life. Although he is 76 years old, he still attends the clinic and serves the patient as usual. He believes his energy is not old enough as an older man. People should continue to contribute their life-long experience and knowledge to society; this is the ambition of Yew Kok Ann. The purpose of the Yew Kok Ann TCM Clinic is to serve more people who need help in health management.

The popularity of the Internet also allows young men to enter sub-health problems earlier. After believing Yew Kok Ann's suggestion, most middle-aged men will regain their glory, and their lives will be more fulfilled.

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